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    Fish Port Restaurant, which stands out with its unique view, sunset and delicious tastes, located under the Galata Bridge, one of the precious works of the historical peninsula, continues to stand out as a place that is frequently mentioned with its presentations and location.

    Fish Port Restaurant, which is among the distinguished and well-established businesses of the Galata Bridge, which is lively and lively at every hour of the day, provides a warm ambiance to both local and foreign regulars.

    With its open kitchen and self-confidence, Fish Port Restaurant, which always continues to offer unique tastes with seafood and grilled meat varieties, produces dishes for every taste rather than the classic fisherman menu. It stands out with its cold appetizers with fresh olive oil every day and every hour of the week, as well as sea food and different hot appetizers.
    Did you know that Fish Port Restaurant is vegetarian friendly? With its hot and cold vegetable-friendly menus, it serves healthy and palatable flavors to its esteemed guests.

    Fish Port Restaurant has a large seating capacity and continues to meet its guests every hour of the day, both in its upper floor and its lower hall. It is possible to enjoy the unique works of Istanbul from every corner by the sea, with 250 people indoors and 100 people's open space.

    Fish Port Restaurant pays attention to the hygiene conditions from the first day and provides meticulous service within the framework of the relevant health rules. Fish Port Restaurant, which has made a name for itself with its uninterrupted and unique service quality since 2001, is honored to host you.

    Fish Port Restaurant.

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    We provıde servıce wıthout compromıse on quaıity
    As the Fish Port Restaurant family, we do not compromise on the purchasing, cleanliness and health conditions of our products. We apply the whole food policy in the preparation of the best and freshest fish and meat products for our guests. We carry out all processes in accordance with food quality standards in order to ensure that all food and beverages served in our restaurant are of the highest quality.

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